Visit us in the real world, it's more interesting than reading boring texts on the internet. You will find us on Earth, in Europe, closer to Germany on the left bank of the Lower Rhine. A small town still called a village with a long history.

Anrath is a town on the left bank of the Lower Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, north-east of the Niers. This is important to us, as we also say "on the right side of the Rhine". Unfortunately Anrath has been redistricted of the town of Willich since 1970. The place is in the landscape unit 573.3 "Kempener Lehmplatte". The Flöthbach runs south and west of the village and the landscape is rather flat and characterized by meadows and fields.

The number of inhabitants in Anrath has remained almost unchanged in recent decades, about 11600, every now and then more or less. The only operational train station in the city of Willich is in Anrath, in Münchheide and Neersen are the nearest motorway connections to the A 44 with connections to the neighboring cities of Krefeld, Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf.

People in our region still value many different communities and strange traditions but you can drink good traditional Altbier everywhere. Oh what are we talking about here, come by and take a look around. Maybe you like it with us and then I have to maintain the facts again.